About abusec 08

Yet another Abuse meeting?

You may argue that there are lots of meetings and working groups around the world (ECO, MAAWG, Phishnet, E-Coat, whatever) that all try to solve some abuse problems.

The usual Antispam meeting consists of a presentation part and a social event in the evening. In our opinion, the social event is often the most productive part of the whole meeting. The presentations offer good ideas and hints, especially for providers about to start their own abuse department, but if you've had to deal with abuse problems for some years already, most presentations are repeating and the time to discuss the matters that really bug you is While working in several working groups, we also discovered that there's always a lot to talk about when you've got some abuse specialists at one round table.

To provide more time for discussions, ideas and hacks, we decided to hold our own small abuse meeting in Karlsruhe, Germany.

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